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I want to feel your breathing
I want to know you love me
when you're so far i can't live
Cause of my heart
It suffers from the waiting
When we will be together
When you will kiss me to lips
Your embrace that so i need
Will be the best

Припев: Your love is like a dreaming
I wait you every evening
My life depends on your love
You give me very shinning sun

I’m not afraid of you
My heart believes your truth
My soul enjoys every sound
Inside your voice
Why can’t we stay alone
To say important words
I want to look in your eyes
Just to find your star in sky
For every time
That we have built for these years

Музыка: Эдуард Дядюра

Слова: Виолетта Дядюра

Исполнение: Виолетта Дядюра(VIA-Летта)